I recently found out that someone very important to me received a cancer diagnosis. The silver-linings are there, but the main news is bad, shocking.

Isn’t everyday a swirl of complexity: good news and bad news diced up together like bruschetta on the brittle toast of life?

Some people are going through hard times, while others are receiving exciting news. Babies are being born, people are getting married and enjoying new jobs, friends are starting new ventures. 

When I was pursuing a degree in fashion design, I learned about yin and yang. In this instance, It was referring to the masculine and feminine sides of a single outfit, and how it was important to have that balance. A ruffly floral blouse and a ruffly floral skirt are most likely not going to look as great as, say, a ruffly floral skirt and a slick black blazer. Contrast gives depth. Complexity denotes beauty. 

You can compare this to life at large: My glorious views are not as special and fully appreciated without the craggy rocks I climbed to get there. The context of my happiness is what makes for joy. 

If your life was a newspaper, what good news and bad news would currently make up the headlines?