When I was a kid and I was silly enough to whine “No fair!” in front of my folks, my Mom would calmly retort: “It’s not a carnival, either.”

In the moment, it didn’t do much to relieve the frustrating feelings surging through my system, but looking back now, I get it.

Life Lesson: it’s not all fun and games.

As an adult, there are times I still feel those “not fair” tentacles crawling up my throat.

Why did they get a glamorous vacation and I just get to fix my car? Whine!

Why do they work half as hard as I do to make the same amount of money? Whine!

Why do they enjoy wine, and I don’t enjoy wine? Wine!

It kinda goes hand-in-hand with my Trade-Offs post.  Sure, they might have a glamorous vacation, but who knows if they’re going into debt for it?  Or maybe the person working half as hard as you has a terrible illness you know nothing about that limits them.  I can’t help you on the wine one, sorry.

Sometimes, it feels like a big game of Would You Rather? And honestly, what I have right now is not perfect, but pretty freakin’ awesome.

Count your blessings, even if there is a lot of sucky stuff going on.

In what situation can you trade your “Not fair” in for thankfulness?