Some things about our lives are mediocre, some are honestly depressing, but I’m begging to guess that there are some areas where we seriously absolutely lucked out.  I mean, super freakishly awesomely lucked-out.

I didn’t know if I would get married.  I swore off dating after my high school crush kissed my sister at prom, and told me over the phone, “Well, if you looked like she did…” Yeah.  Not a great day.  I prayed so hard that my heart would be protected from the ache and break that I went through.

So years passed, adventures were had, and before too long I was in my early twenties and…

Now, this is the part that proves the existence of a loving, all-knowing Higher Being, in which case, feel free to interchange “lucky” with “blessed.” 

…I became friends with B. 

Being friends and falling in love with B was a huge blessing – something deeper than I can explain. Truly human with all our flaws, but a secret message of divine love. And specifically where I feel extra lucky is with a particular facet of our relationship that I didn’t even know I wanted: Romance.

 Through the process of getting to know, hang out with, and enjoy the company of B, I found a person with whom I didn’t have to be a magazine-defined girly-girl to be liked. Let me explain.

 I have never been interested in spending much time covering my face with makeup. Most days, it’s just a little purple eyeliner and I’m happy. Historically traditional women’s roles that are placed in a rugged box with no room to breathe make my soul gag and heart twist. These, along with other societal-defined feminine traits that I can’t personally relate to hid the fact that I would enjoy romance, but it’s been the frosting on the cinnamon roll, if you will. 

My husband is romantic. 

He doesn’t bring flowers home every day or anything, but he often opens the car door for me, buys roses on our anniversary, celebrates the day we got engaged, and most recently, got me a anniversary band – a ring to mark our 11th anniversary. 

I didn’t know I would appreciate things like that, but I do, and in that, I am truly blessed.

What surprising thing did you luck out on in your life?