Those who know me, at least at work, know that breaktime = bananarama time! This is a glimpse into my intimate knowledge of the humble fruit.

Day 1 – Purchased bananas at local grocer. Bunch consisted of five mostly ripe, semi-green bananas. Did not spring for organic. Saved 10 cents per pound. Felt fiscally responsible, but somehow also biologically irresponsible. Went to sleep fine.

Day 2 – Took one banana off bunch. Carried in purse to work. Banana grew brown where purse zipper touched. May need separate banana purse sans zipper. Taste of banana was sweet, firm but starchy. Stuck to my teeth. Not ripe enough. Hopeful for tomorrow‘s banana.

Day 3 – Bananas have yellowed nicely. Softer than yesterday, but just as sweet. Strings clinging but still attached to base for easy removal by peeling. Fear tomorrow’s banana will be too mealy.

Day 4 – Banana fragrance strong. Can smell it walking by the counter, and note some leftover smells in my handbag. Darkened on corners of rind. Taste was VERY banana. Not like Runts candies, but close. Acidic – I sense a temporary burning on roof of my mouth. Strings unpleasant. Received a comment on how “banana” I smelled. Did not like the banana-attention.

Day 5 – Two bananas left on counter. Black band where the stem meets the fruit. Observed pitting and wrinkles on the skin. Has too much give – almost squishy. Lost interest in bananas. May have to pick up another fruit on way to work… like Starbucks lemon pound cake with thick frosting.

Day 6 – Added unwanted bananas to other twelve in freezer. Frozen pergatory awaiting second-life as banana bread. Not holding my banana breath.