Even someone who was named “happiness” has their dark days: Days where a self-inflicted knitting needle to the ear doesn’t sound so bad nor a dramatic fling down a set of cement steps like in a twisted Hitchcock film (maybe there are too many violent American movies…).

Most of us experience days where forcing ourselves to count our blessings feels like you’re in a dream where you’re trying to run but your feet feel trapped in gravity boots… in the mud… at 1000 frames-per-second.

I recently felt that heaviness. Not sure if it was related to lack of sleep, recent bad news, comparisons to others, hormones, work stress from impending presentations, or what. I was fortunate that it didn’t last too many days, and that eating healthier, exercising, and finally getting sleep helped. But I need to figure out how to better cope in the valleys, when the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be a train (as they say).

Do you have dark days? What are your healthy coping habits while you’re in the pit?