For various reasons, not everyone enjoys the act of driving. It can be an act of submission (dragging our butts to work on a Monday), or an act of control (let’s blow this popsicle stand). Or it can be a mixture of adventure and facing fears (exploring new routes, don’t know what to expect, but anxious for a change).

The older I get, the more I realize that this life is navigating a constant learning adventure.

  • You get a new job, you learn. 
  • You move neighborhoods, you learn. 
  • You go to college, you learn.

You face challenge after challenge and you can’t just stay in the you-shaped dip in your matress, you have to get up and go. You have to figure out how to install a garbage disposal, pay your taxes, communicate with those with whom you have conflict.

We recently embarked on a tri-state trip. There’s something about driving through a beautiful canyon in the darkness where the night is akin to black snow hiding the striations in the colorful rock formations of southern Utah.  It’s dishonest, untruthful.  How am I to take in, see, learn unless the sun is up? 

I want to go through this life ready to continue learning the things that interest me and that I need to know. 

To drive in the light.

What have you learned most recently? Had to or wanted to?