I was on edge, recently. On the edge of what? A knife? A cliff? 

I was quick to anger:

  • At other drivers. 
  • At myself. 
  • At music on the radio. (We all get that Sting can’t stand losing! Alright already! Shut up!)

Where does irritation come from? Impatience? For me, it manifests when I’m going too fast and not living in the moment, ignoring my needs, comparing myself to others or not being grateful for what I have. These things all build up stress to the point that blows the top off this volcano. 

I think of myself as a generally happy person – smiley most days. But, just like anyone, I have to fight through the dark days, dark spaces in my mind and heart. How about you?

What little irritant has gotten to you lately? 

  • Hoomans? 
  • Events? 
  • Bloggers who interchange Sting with The Police?