I was raised in the smoldering Phoenix suburbs; my husband was raised in a small town in the cowboy state of Big Wyoming.

Growing up for him, firearms were tool and hobby.  I was raised with firearms as a rare recreational activity. When I married into his family, I married into a responsible, respectful, and fun group that brought me into their world of target practice. A world of ear and eye protection. A world of flying brass shell casings ejected when a round is fired.

Spending time with them practicing this activity, my skill-level has since elevated beyond the walls of what I experienced in my youth with Nintendo Duck Hunt and pellets/BBs in the desert.

We took a class with a retired police officer. We rehearse rules of gun safety. My husband’s mom was trained by a professional competition shooter and both she and my father-in-law give us tips and drills at the summer cabin in Montana and at the outdoor public safety range near their home in Idaho. I have become a decent markswoman myself (here’s a drill if one limb was compromised).


Something special about this group is their love for our country and a dedication to Biblical principles.  Protecting others by preparing, training to defend against bad behavior. 

Although this city girl is not a firearm enthusiast myself, I have learned to understand and respect the reasons many of my fellow Americans are. And, who wouldn’t find satisfaction in hitting a bullseye! (My targets are on the left.)

What activity do you do now, that you did not do growing up?