We saw a picture frame idea at a local store, and thought it would be a fun weekend project. Plus, we figured that it might save us a couple bucks if we made it ourselves.

My Cost: About $43.


  • Two 8-foot planks of Shiplap (Have the store cut into approximately 2-foot pieces, accounting for the saw blade width)
  • Two 0.5-inch by 2-inch wood pieces for back brace
  • Wood glue (on hand)
  • 2-inch screw for mounting to wall
  • 1-inch wood screws for back brace (on hand)
  • 0.5-inch wood screws for clips
  • 3/8-inch nails (on hand)
  • Word plaque
  • Rope
  • Twelve office clips


1. Decide on a pattern that is  pleasing to you.

2. Glue shiplap together per directions on wood glue using clamps. If it doesn’t bond, you may need to sand the finish on the connecting areas.

3. Screw onback brace boards.

4. Attach word sign. It could be “Family,” “Home,” or “Fun.” We chose “Love.” Awww.

5. Screw in office clips. Attach pictures as you go to better visualize your spacing needs.

6. Drill holes and attach rope.

7. Put a screw in a stud, and mount.


8. Post on interwebs!

Have fun! Please comment or post a photo on my social media pages if you try this!