As most well-meaning dietary changes  begin, I read an article posted on Facebook. 

On the Friday before Easter (Good Friday), I began a journey which will forever be remembered as “my week without sugar.”

As timing goes, Easter is probably one of the worst holidays to not eat sugar. When my sweet little nephew tried to share his candy with me, he didn’t understand why his auntie wouldn’t “Just eat it! Eat it!” My husband of 11 years was going to make me an Easter basket. When he said he had a surprise for me, you can’t imagine the deflated face I witnessed. Thus my food choices disappointed those around me. Including me. Mostly me.

I eliminated sugar (as far as I could tell.) No sweetener in my decaf latte. No brown sugar in my oatmeal. For half of the week, no bread, either. Straight-up veggies and fruit for snacks (and that meant no “white gummy” from the Jamba Juice secret menu, just in case). Chicken, sushi, soup. It made me feel thankful for the sweetness of carrots, and the creaminess of dairy. 

I had a hiccup one day when my normal turkey bacon and egg white breakfast was unavailable and I was in an unfamiliar part of town on a time crunch. I had to eat half of a blueberry scone or suffer the searing headache that comes to me when I miss a meal.  It was life or death, folks.

My poor husband had to hear me groan every other second, “Why am I doing this? This isn’t life! This is no way to live.” Yet I soldiered on.  

Turns out, I think sugar is my brain food.  I am a numb dolt without it: taking an extra-long time to answer questions. Searching.  Searching.  This title is unavailable.

So, what did I learn from this sugar fast?

  • It’s possible. (God bless the people who have to do this every day.)
  • I chose every item that enters my mouth. It really is a choice, even if my choice is to default to habit. 
  • I am strong. I was able to be disciplined enough to make this really difficult decision time after time. 
  • Sugar is a gift from God. Truly, it’s evidence God loves me. 

When I broke my fast the Sunday following Easter, it was with the one thing I had been craving for the entire week. It’s strange that I longed for something I hadn’t had in quite some time: an iced white chocolate mocha. 

So, there you have it. My week without sugar in a nutshell. 

What have you fasted, and what did you learn about yourself in the process?