I didn’t set out the be this person. 

I am amped up about gender equality in all work places. I get really bummed out when I find out a church still doesn’t accept female ministers. I celebrate the amazing military and missionary women I respect, not to mention the female pioneers in space.   

So how did I get to be so unlike the ones that say “f-you” to the effects of their biological cycles and are powerhouses in any circumstance around the world and beyond?

I will tell you how. At the time of this writing, elephants are jumping on my ovaries.  Angry clowns are twisting balloon animals out of my fallopian tubes. A rabid hyena has made a chew toy out of my uterus. And I am just… Not.  

Do you ever feel like you are:

  • Not what you set out to be?
  • Not doing what you want to do?
  • Just not something you intended?

Well, I’m going to ask a question… to myself… and to you. 

Answer me this: Is it an expectation of perfection you are placing on yourself or is it an objective ideal worth striving for?