Outside of this blog, I’m not great at staying on top of Facebook & Twitter. I rarely post on Instagram. I didn’t even download Facebook Messenger or Snapchat because of their privacy policies.

I am digitally unsociable. 

Maybe it stems from my earlier experiences pre-social media. As a young adult, I was never big on making phone calls. When I traded in my awesome purple pager for my first flip phone, I found that texting was more my style. (Go figure for a writer.)

Fast forward to more recent life. As I have gotten older, I have less patience with my Facebook feed. 

This is a summary of the feed from just now:

  • 2 encouraging posts
  • 5 irrelevant ads
  • 1 respectful thought-provoking comment on an article with an invitation for discussion 
  • 2 depressing posts
  • 5 posts about people I don’t know becoming FB friends with people I do know 

Out of 15 posts, 3 were adding value to my life. That’s only 20% for that session on Facbook. 

I think the other 80% is getting to me. 

Many times like these – when the ratios are not in my favor – when I login to connect, and instead feel more distant, my hopeful mood morphs into irritation. 

I understand why people logout and stay out, yet it’s difficult to part from a semi-private porch view over pop culture. 

Well, I guess Facebook is “older people’s” pop culture now. And that would be a whole ‘nuther post.