Have you noticed how easy it is to pick out flaws? Like in the picture above: “This is not a valid price. Something is wrong.”

You have a white shirt but one little drop of ketchup, and that’s all you see. 

Or in this image of a laptop for $.99:

Our brains are wired to find differences and calculate meaning.  

The other day, I was unfortunate enough to be in a store while it was being robbed. Thank God no one was threatened or hurt while the thieves grabbed their loot and ran out. The rest of the weekend, my mind tried to work out what I could have done differently to change the outcome of the situation. The answer is a big fat “nothing.” Any conflict could have put lives in danger during a situation where no lives were being threatened. 

Regardless, my mind still kept going over it, looking for any other way to fix the ketchup stain on my otherwise good day. 

My point is, sometimes there is something to fix, sometimes there isn’t, and when there isn’t, it’s not useful to spend precious energy mulling over the situation. 

Let go. Let go as much as you can, my friends, and enjoy the days we have together under the sun.