I don’t know about you, when I am well, I tend to take my health for granted. And when I’m sick, I struggle with my attitude big time. 

When I feel fine, I’m usually focused on other things besides being healthy. Don’t get me wrong , some days, I am strict with healthful choices. Other times, weekend splurge days creep into weekdays. 

When this mortal body of mine starts having issues, it irritates me like a itch I can’t scratch. It distracts me from work, and bums me out when I ‘m supposed to be having fun. 

I have been talking to God about this: how do I still give my best when sick or in pain? 

One thing I need to do is stop giving myself a hard time – let go of the guilt for being in a bad mood about it. 

Then, I need to put my situation in perspective: there is someone out there who’s had it (much) worse than me. Also, take comfort that I’m fellowshipping with Jesus through suffering*. This can make me thankful. Even if it doesn’t, I need to focus on the positives. 

Thanking God for all the (many) blessings in my life begins to rewire my brain. By taking my thoughts down an unexpected path (expected being depressed, wallowing in misery, unexpected being positivity and thankfulness), I can start to react better. Actually, react is the wrong word because this is pure mental work, friends!

Finally – or maybe this should be first – ask God for help in getting out of the dark & negative paths in my mind and heart. 

What do you do to go from negative to positive? Share ideas in the comments!
*Philippians 3:10