I don't know about you, but I am a plan ahead, details sort of person.

When I have a trip approaching, I feel that it's never too early to map out what times I need to be at the airport, what clothes I should bring depending on the weather, and what else might be going on in the city while I'm there.

I have a process for travel.

I add calendar appointments to my phone for three hours before each flight with the details and confirmation numbers. I also print a back up of receipts and confirmations. If there is an airline phone app, I get my tickets ready on it.

As for packing, yes, I made my own personal packing check list. I want to remember everything!

Day of, I designate a pocket for all my travel docs, so I don't have to access multiple bags, plus my wallet, etc.

I pull all liquids from my purse and add it to my screening bag. I check myself for medals on my clothes and jewelry. I make sure my shoes are able to slip off, and I choose comfy travel attire. I put my purse in my carry on so I don't have to bother with multiple straps.

For airlines that nickel and dime me, I carry an empty water bottle through security and fill it at a drinking fountain on the other side. (Yes, Allegiant has charged me for water. Not sure how they get away with that.)

All in all, I am fairly satisfied with my process, except for getting to the airport 2 hours ahead. Although I get through security with time to spare, Who wants to spend free time in the airport?

What processes have you developed for travel?