Free Writing is writing whatever pops into your brain, and writing without stopping.

Today, I am presently at the Billings airport, waiting for my Allegiant flight to board and take my husband and I back home.

We had five nice days in cooler summer temps, good meals and conversations with family members, and memories together.

Most everyone is on their phones, not surprisingly, and it's a variety of ages. I, too, am tippity-tapping out this future blog post.

When we get home, we will eat lunch and then head to my sisters for a long-needed hair trim. These babies have seen better days. They went from blond to purple, and have settled into a split-end farm of soft pink.

Boarding will happen soon. Need to make another pre-flight pit stop. It's my inherited M.O.

Yesterday, we took a little time out at a put-put. It was pretty fun (although I lost). Then we exchanged cash for tokens, played video games for tickets, and "bought" some silly stuff for my niece and nephew.

Tomorrow is another vacation day from work. Really looking forward to being home, waking up whenever, and making plans as we go.