A growing church in the sprawling Phoenix suburbs announced this week their hiring of a new speaking pastor, but with an unexpected twist. 

We reached out for an interview to a member of the staff who asked to remain anonymous. What we got was a sheepish look and the whole story. 

"When we heard one of our leaders were signed for a book tour and no longer needed the piddly income that comes with shepherding God's flock, we had an immediate opening for a speaking pastor. Earlier in the year, we had also been hearing amazing testimonies about Chris Johnson's sermons and how God's anointing was on this humble vessel. We reached out for his, excuse me, her resume and he, I mean she had excellent credentials – education, experience, references – the whole nine yards. Knowing there were multiple offers out for this excellent leader, our spirits were stirred and we felt we had to act fast. I remember it was 11:53 p.m. that night when we asked Pastor Johnson to come on board, sight unseen."

This is where the story takes an unexpected turn. Anonymous continued with an incredulous look on his face, "As soon as we were face to face at the airport, I feared that we had a big problem. You see, almost 50% of our congregation is male, so I felt wary that such a large portion of the congregation wouldn't be represented, and might not relate to her interpretation of the Bible.  After I told the elders and deacons, we even discussed asking her to consider being the children's pastor or worship minister instead. But, a little small voice inside reminded us that when God closes a door, he always opens a window. So, we prayed about it and reluctantly felt God was okay with it. So, We gave her a shot."

The congregation was surprised, to say the least, but one prominent attendee was quick to give Pastor Johnson his support, "If God can speak through Balaam's donkey, I wouldn't put it past him to speak through one of man's helpers."

Anonymous concluded, "Soon we found out that God could actually speak through her, too, so we were on a change-high." He got a sparkle in his eyes, "It's not official yet, but you might hear another shocking announcement soon when we welcome our first board member not white, male. Don't worry, he is very American."