Can anything really be said about the gun debate? Can anyone work this out? There are typical arguments that fall on deaf ears, and there are individuals who can see both sides, but are frozen by the extremism of differing beliefs.

I see how people who don’t utilize firearms as part of their lifestyle won’t understand the need to preserve the historical provisions of protection from our powerful government’s military (as was utilized during the Revolution). How do we continue that today in a world of new tech weapons?

I also see how individuals who were raised in this same great land with firearms in their hand to provide food, protection, and sport would not see the desire to stop mass shootings as something that may need to touch on existing law, as they are the ones exercising these rights.

The argument that guns don’t kill people, people kill people may essentially be true, yet the argument is weak. Just as is the argument that we should outlaw all guns, or it’s just a mental health issue, or it’s just a male violence issue, or it’s source is the dissolution of nuclear families. Or the argument that we should be focusing on a more leading cause of death in the US like traffic fatalities or abortion.

How do we work in the data that most of our firearms deaths are suicides or that numbers of firearms deaths went down between the 1980s and 2000s?

How do we create a proper question? How do we come together? How do we find a solution?

When you want to stop a checkmate in chess, what do you do:

You take a piece, you block a piece, or you move. Taking, blocking, or moving. Those are our default options.

If we want firearms deaths to go down, would mandatory psychiatric screenings be a accepted inconvenience, or would sociopathic individuals not be stopped and who would we trust to administer those screenings?

How about this one: How do we stop individuals from obtaining weapons illegally? Is that even possible? Would federal funding support additional ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms) staff?

Then there’s the actual-place-in-time idea, but will metal detectors placed everywhere public in big cities catch all that threatens us?

What about: Is there a way to help individuals beforehand?

I am pleased to hear there is hope of bipartisan support to at least outlaw accessories that simulate the rapid fire of automatic weapons (automatic weapons are already restricted).

So complex and diverse are our thoughts and feelings on this topic, but one thing (I hope) we can agree on is we don’t want mass shootings.

A wise man once said that Jesus is the only true answer the root of the problem of all the evil in our hearts.