I don’t know if I have anything good to say. Perhaps I might need to say something good anyway.

I had started a pretty negative post, and I mean negative. It has swears in it, people. I had started a pretty gnarled rant about how society disappoints me, but I can’t bring myself to completing it.

No one will argue there is already more than enough negative posts out there. What will I really contribute if I add to it? My readers be like, Just pile it on! Not like we wanted to smile today or have a single uplifting moment from a human living in this obviously scarred up universe. Totes my goats.

Yesh, my readers say, “Totes my goats” all the time.

So here I am trying to offer something different without desperately offering you a lame stand in (Here’s a picture of a clown riding a llama backwards up a steep hill… Uh oh! What’s going to happen??), or a cheesy joke (Why did the baby soybean cry? It wanted its edamommy.), or a vhs clip of me doing the soft shoe in second grade (<<<don’t forget to add link before publishing>>>).

Just kidding. No such video exists.

No, I just want to post one single solitary positive sentence, so I hope I have one in me. Just one. More would be nice. A hot mess more would be great. But I am aiming for one. For you. And for me.

Listen, whether you believe this life is mostly good with some bad in it, or mostly bad with some good in it – can we agree that at least there’s some good? (For those that can’t see anything good right now, think about how a delicate human brain can come up with so many amazing thoughts – like how to build tremendous skyscrapers, or to dedicate their lives to going into fires and saving strangers, or the clown on the llama thing. Equally incredible!).

Well, I hope I added one good thing to your day. See ya next time.