Let’s be honest, are we where we thought we’d be when we were young, dreaming about our future life, job, family? Oh, it was easy to dream when we knew nothing of mortgages, broke garage door repair costs, and the fluctuating price of unleaded.

But maybe you are where you thought you would be, with the house and the kids and the vacations every summer and the mittens in the winter.

I thought I’d be an actress. I was the go-to memorizing machine when I was in elementary school. The drama teacher and I played opposite during a Christmas performance. I was thick into the creative arts scene at our mega church: drama, dance, choir, worship band all through junior high, high school and after.

As I got older, I got practical. I got… boxy. I took one college acting class and decided it was no longer in my DNA, that the dream was not viable to sustain a career.

You know those apartments they find that have been sitting still for centuries, untouched, frozen? I imagine some of my dreams are like that – in purgatory – not alive, not dead.

Wouldn’t it be easier if dreams were like my to-do list? Once I cross it off, it’s erased, done.