It’s difficult to escape. There are a plethora of stories right now, outlining the actions of brave souls who:

  1. Speak truth when it’s hard
  2. Move to action to activate change

Most recently, the Oscar buzz highlighted the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund.

Then there’s

Also, specifically, there’s Moira Donegan who writes about her experience sharing a list of alleged male predators in media with women in her circle and what happened since it was made public.

How about this one: @melissaftw tweeted “my goal for 2018 is to get at least 3 women jobs in entertainment. if we all do this, every woman who wants a job in hollywood will have one. i am aware that this is fully a pyramid scheme.” As of the writing of my blog post, she’s got 425 retweets, 4,100 likes and she started an email account to get contact information for when she’s in a position to hire.

I have personal friends – male and female alike – who were inspired by other brave souls and joined the #metoo social media movement.

These are just a few of the things that inspire me lately.

What inspires you?