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Writing Prompt: The Vessel

The spokes were still chromed; Ghosts of red high-top sneakers reflected back at me.  I grabbed the handle bars, dust poofing into small clouds. I rotated my palms around the give of the rubber, then wiped down on the denim... Continue Reading →

The Life and Times of Meester Cheeto Pants

*Backstory of a Cheeto that has been on this ledge for weeks.* Born in 1975 to a family of corn farmers, Meester Cheeto Pants developed wanderlust whilst feeling trapped and lonesome on a 30-acre farm in rural Indiana. Dreams of... Continue Reading →

The Definition of Yaaaass

"Yas!"  This version of "yes" or "affirmative" denotes a special resonation. Something resonates with us so much, we feel ridiculous about it. "Yes!" Is too formal for these situations. Instead, we use a deep seated, oftentimes elongated, "Yas!" Example sentence:... Continue Reading →


I am convinced that many-a-cat has inhibited my ability to grow friendships as a late 30-something. A lot of people I like, like cats.  I don't like cats.  I'm not a big 'ole meanie, but felines are basically my archnemisises.... Continue Reading →

To Dog or Not to Dog

This is my story about pets.  I grew up with pets in the house, but I didn't turn out to be a "pet person." I sometimes wonder if it's because I was born this way, because I experienced major loss... Continue Reading →

What to Do When You Don’t Have Enough

Hi all.  This is a little bit of a venture from what I normally write, but I want to share with you a special story that might encourage you if you find yourself in the same position. At the end of 2008,... Continue Reading →

Mani/Pedi Problems 

I can't. I just can't. I'm telling you, I can't get a pedicure. I've tried.  It always sounds like a wonderful relaxing treat, but by the time my twinkle toes are in the hands of the masseur, I die. It's... Continue Reading →


Ugh!  I didn't set out the be this person.  I am amped up about gender equality in all work places. I get really bummed out when I find out a church still doesn't accept female ministers. I celebrate the amazing... Continue Reading →

I Need Your Help!

INVITATION: You. Yes, YOU.  You there with the shirt and the thing in the place reading this right now. YOU can do something relatively easy, and it will cost you zero dollars! I have spoken with a wonderful local agency about... Continue Reading →

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