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Monday Before Christmas

For those who celebrate Christmas: how ready are you for December 25th? Post just a percentage below! Me: 75%


Here Lies the Remains of Dr. Redvine, Physician to the Stars

*Backstory of a Red Vine that has been on this plant for days.* The body of celebrity pediatrician Melissa Roger Redvine, PhD, a.k.a. "Dr. Rogy" was found Tuesday morning impelled on a plant. No witnesses have come forward, and the... Continue Reading →


I recently visited the Blur instillation at a local art gallery. The compilation of different mediums was refreshing. The most powerful piece I experienced my first visit was "i will sleep tonight" by Christopher Jagmin. Using old school labels --... Continue Reading →

Satire Sunday

Sarcastic person's reaction to baby announcements timeline: Oh what, your ovaries work? Well, good for you. I'm "happy" that the plumbing is running satisfactory for you. Your success is my success, and all that crap. Great, now I know you... Continue Reading →

Phone Games

There are a couple staples I tend to hit up when passing time on my phone: Candy Crush, Farm Heroes, StarWars Puzzle Droids, and Stranger Things: The Game. Stranger Things is great the first time through. It's challenging, and there... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you for reading. Happy Thanksgiving 🍁🍽🦃

Let’s Be Honest

Let's be honest, are we where we thought we'd be when we were young, dreaming about our future life, job, family? Oh, it was easy to dream when we knew nothing of mortgages, broke garage door repair costs, and the... Continue Reading →

Start Over God must like second chances. Well, and 70 x 7 chances. Maybe God likes giving us even more chances than we knew God would give. How can I tell? All the evidence in nature of starting over: Sunrise every... Continue Reading →

“Rachel” – a scary short film

For those who need a little 3.5 minute break today, here is the best scary video you will ever see. Then, keep watching after the credits for outtakes! CLICK HERE --->Rachel on YouTube. Thanks for watching. Have a safe and happy... Continue Reading →

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