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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt spec script

This single-camera, half-hour comedy was my first completed teleplay submitted to contests and fellowships. Kimmy struggles over how to spend her lottery winnings. Jacqueline, Lillian, and Titus try to find acceptable Mother’s Day presents.

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Emmie and the Alien feature spec

An artsy sci-fi geekette still living with her folks at age twenty, struggles to uncover her mysterious past with the help of an alien only she can see.

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Childish original pilot

When the Supreme Court rules that child acting breaks labor laws, a youth talent agency temp must rally her colleagues and her high-strung boss to find a way to fill all roles-under-18 with adult actors, and save the business.

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Hello Weirdo

Everyone has to have a first blog post, so this is mine. It is simple. It is brief. It is my "Hello."

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QUIZ ANSWERS: My Favorite TV Shows and Films

How many of my favorite TV shows and movies did you name just from their IMDb descriptions?

QUIZ: My Favorite TV Shows and Films

How many of my favorite TV shows and movies can you name just from their IMDb descriptions? Answers will be posted Sunday!

Church Accidentally Appoints Woman Pastor (Satire Sunday)

A growing church in the sprawling Phoenix suburbs announced this week their hiring of a new speaking pastor, but with an unexpected twist. We reached out for an interview to a member of the staff who asked to remain anonymous. What... Continue Reading →

Free Writing

Free Writing is writing whatever pops into your brain, and writing without stopping. Today, I am presently at the Billings airport, waiting for my Allegiant flight to board and take my husband and I back home. We had five nice... Continue Reading →

Old Skool Videos

Do you remember back in the day, going into a video store and looking around for VHS tapes or DVDs to rent for the weekend? I recall the feeling excitement I held while studying the movie posters on empty cases,... Continue Reading →

Thank you!

Hey, all! Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for reading my posts. I have had 1,101 views since January, and I appreciate every one. Okay, continue on with what you are doing; That's all for now...


I don't know about you, but I am a plan ahead, details sort of person. When I have a trip approaching, I feel that it's never too early to map out what times I need to be at the airport,... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Know You How I Once Did

I don't know you how I once did. Now, I hear rumors third-party of where you are now, that you are gay, married, have a child, are living in another city far away. Did I know you?What do I care?I... Continue Reading →


These slabs of skin holding our mortal souls need regular maintenance. We get annual eye exams, dentist visits, and *ahem* physicals. We look into getting eyes lasered, tonsils burned, sinuses cauterized, sun spots frozen. We put drops in our eyes... Continue Reading →

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