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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt spec script

This single-camera, half-hour comedy was my first completed teleplay submitted to contests and fellowships. Kimmy struggles over how to spend her lottery winnings. Jacqueline, Lillian, and Titus try to find acceptable Mother’s Day presents.

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Emmie and the Alien feature spec

An artsy sci-fi geekette still living with her folks at age twenty, struggles to uncover her mysterious past with the help of an alien only she can see.

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Childish original pilot

When the Supreme Court rules that child acting breaks labor laws, a youth talent agency temp must rally her colleagues and her high-strung boss to find a way to fill all roles-under-18 with adult actors, and save the business.

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Hello Weirdo

Everyone has to have a first blog post, so this is mine. It is simple. It is brief. It is my "Hello."

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Hydrated with Eager Hope

I am thirsty and hungry. I am constantly wanting, and infrequently am I satisfied. But Jesus says if I come to Him, I will thirst no more. I will eat and be satisfied. ““Is anyone thirsty? Come and drink— even... Continue Reading →


I haven’t been writing. I have been waiting for the muse to outshine the comfort of watching. I haven’t been learning or reading either. It’s daunting to think there’s something I “should” be doing instead of being propelled by the... Continue Reading →

10 signs you are not ready to own a Tesla

1. You don't know what a Tesla is. 2. You think Elon Musk is a fragrance for men. 3. You think "Ludicrous mode" really is ludicrous. 4. You haven't Googled answers to all your questions, like: "Are there enough charging... Continue Reading →

Fires & Fathers

I found an article from the November 1989 issue of Firehouse Magazine. It explained my father's accident from a Firefighter's or an Emergency Medical Technician's perspective. It was detailed about the process of performing medical care while figuring out extradition... Continue Reading →

Wife Tries to Start Serious Conversation When Ad Count is at 5 of 6 (Satire Sunday)

According to sources close to the couple, at approximately 7:11 p.m. Mountain Standard Time, on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, while watching "The Good Doctor" on the ABC app on their Roku, Claire turned to Horace with a simple but loaded,... Continue Reading →


It's difficult to escape. There are a plethora of stories right now, outlining the actions of brave souls who: Speak truth when it's hard Move to action to activate change Most recently, the Oscar buzz highlighted the Time's Up Legal... Continue Reading →

Name that Suicidal Plant

Tell me the name of the plant that grows until it uproots itself and dies. Its stalk looks like a giant asparagus. I know this, because I have eaten asparagus. Here is some more photo evidence: Sad shrub. Hopeless herb.... Continue Reading →

Nor Lose the Common Touch

"If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch..." ~Rudyard Kipling I have long-grappled with educated people that lose the common touch. Often, in the world of higher education, in business,... Continue Reading →

Christmas Memes

Here's my Christmas meme! Share yours, too, and bring in the season with a little laughter!

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