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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt spec script

This single-camera, half-hour comedy was my first completed teleplay submitted to contests and fellowships. Kimmy struggles over how to spend her lottery winnings. Jacqueline, Lillian, and Titus try to find acceptable Mother’s Day presents.

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Emmie and the Alien feature spec

An artsy sci-fi geekette still living with her folks at age twenty, struggles to uncover her mysterious past with the help of an alien only she can see.

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Childish original pilot

When the Supreme Court rules that child acting breaks labor laws, a youth talent agency temp must rally her colleagues and her high-strung boss to find a way to fill all roles-under-18 with adult actors, and save the business.

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Hello Weirdo

Everyone has to have a first blog post, so this is mine. It is simple. It is brief. It is my "Hello."

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Have you noticed how easy it is to pick out flaws? Like in the picture above: "This is not a valid price. Something is wrong." You have a white shirt but one little drop of ketchup, and that's all you... Continue Reading →

Fear of One’s Dreams

Have you ever dreamed about something for so long that it became more fantastic than real? That when you think of it now, you fear it could never be as great as you picture in your mind? I'm about to... Continue Reading →

Unsociable Media

Outside of this blog, I'm not great at staying on top of Facebook & Twitter. I rarely post on Instagram. I didn't even download Facebook Messenger or Snapchat because of their privacy policies. I am digitally unsociable.  Maybe it stems... Continue Reading →


Have you ever done the exercise "stork turns"? You stand on one foot, placing your other foot behind your straight knee. Then you try to keep your balance while you rotate your bent knee forward and to the side, back... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt: Dream Catcher

Chaos! Loud, crowded, stuffed doorways, luggage like a rows of quail babies hugging the walls. I squeeze my body through the mass exodus anyway I can: over suitcases, through a window then down the front of the building. People everywhere.... Continue Reading →

The Best You 

Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to attend some leadership training at work. I was pleasantly surprised that it incorporated personality profiles -assessments of our natural strengths, talents, and aptitudes - before anything else.  I suppose I was expecting to... Continue Reading →

Filament Behind Glass – Poem

Wait; go Speak; think  Shut up; breathe Borrowed trust from another age Flavors of worship ring and rain Heaven so appetizing and distant and close as sorrow  Mystery is how I walk, With bent branches and wicked words Heart blackening,... Continue Reading →

Life Tourism 

Sometimes I feel like I am a touring my own life. I study where I am, have been, and might go. I'm a student of me.  Sometimes I am nervous to let go and just live, for if I'm not... Continue Reading →


Ah! Fresh mountain air!  We arrived at our HomeAway rental cabin near Lake Arrowhead, on the mountain above the Los Angeles smog. It's not very often we have the time and means to get away to California for a long... Continue Reading →

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