As a young adult, I disliked the taste of coffee. Granted, my first few tastes of “coffee” were two unfortunate sucks off a hard candy before spitting it into a trash can. 

It wasn’t until I was at the Youth with a Mission (YWAM) Richardson Springs base in Chico, California that I started trying [the real stuff] again. 

I still didn’t like it, necessarily, but  it was a hot beverage when the cocoa was out, and the more sugar I put in it, the less it reminded me off my sweet Grandpa’s coffee-breath. 

I think what spurred me on to drink it more than anything else was the feeling that you get when you don’t feel like an adult, but you’re doing something adult-y. 

Months later, when I traveled on to Kona, Hawaii with YWAM, I tried the mother-load of coffee (in my humble opinion): Starbucks frappuccinos. As I tasted the rich, icy, whip-creamy, chocolaty, milky, sweet drink that hinted of coffee, I was in. “I can do this!” I thought.

Maybe someday I’ll tell you about when I switched to decalf…

But meanwhile, I would like to know:

What is your go-to beverage? When did you start drinking it?